JavaScript 30 Day Challenge (JS30)

I want to first start by saying I don’t blog much, or as the years have gone by I haven’t done blogging as many people may or may not. However, I thought it would be a good exercise to start this process of blogging my path on web development (or software engineering, what have you).

With documenting what I’ve learned, or what I’m in the process of learning, it would help better cement my knowledge and have an archive to always go back to if necessary. And hey, who knows if this won’t help myself but a fellow developer just starting out. I mean we all start somewhere, so wouldn’t it be best to help those knowing you were once in their shoes? Anyway, let’s begin:

JavaScript 30 Day Challenge

JavaScript 30 Day Challenge logo on their landing page.

This is the beginning of a series of entires which document the process, along with maybe a recap or possibly review of a JavaScript 30 Day Challenge in which there lies a exercise of completing a specific JavaScript challenge within a day. The site found here, is a free course provided you create an account. The challenge that I find most interesting about this challenge is that you practice purely VanillaJS, no libraries or frameworks needed! It creates the best practice of going to the basics!

And with that, we shall begin! Happy coding!



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